The Ashby fire department and it’s members provide emergency fire and medical services to the town of Ashby, MA. The Ashby fire department is a combination on call department supplemented with full time week day staffing serving the residents of Ashby. Weekend days are covered by Per Diem FF/EMT’s in addition to call personnel. Overnight coverage for EMS is provided by on call EMT’s on “Hard Call” requiring them to respond to any emergency in the 12 Hour overnight period. Between these personnel and our dedicated On Call FF/EMT’s we provide 24/7 emergency services to the Town Of Ashby. The Ashby Fire apparatus include three fire engines with 1000 gallons of water each, one 2500 gallon water tanker, one forestry truck, a fire/rescue UTV and operates two dedicated BLS ambulances. The Ashby Fire EMS association a notable community support organization works along side the department to support the town and the members the department.

Ambulance Service:

  • The Ashby Fire Department Operates Two BLS ambulances licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • In addition to Basic Service our EMT’s are trained and authorized to administer additional treatments including:
    • IM Epinephrine
    • CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure)
    • Albuterol and ipratropium bromide Nebulizers
    • IM Glucagon
    • Selective Spinal Assessment
    • Blood Glucose Assessment
    • BLS- 12 Lead Acquisition STP 6.12