The Ashby fire department and it’s members provide emergency fire and medical services to the town of Ashby, MA. The Ashby fire department is a combination on call department supplemented with full time day staffing serving the residents of Ashby. The dedicated On Call and Day staffing provide 24/7 emergency services to the town. The Ashby Fire department runs 3 – Fire Engines, 1 – 2500 Gallon Water Tanker, 1 Tower ladder, 1 Forestry Brush Truck, and operates two dedicated BLS ambulance service. The Ashby Fire EMS association is a support organization for the department, its members and the community. The department takes great pride in serving the community.

Ambulance Service:

  • The Ashby Fire Department Operates Two BLS ambulances licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • In addition to Basic Service our EMT’s are trained and authorized to administer additional treatments including:
    • IM Epinephrine
    • CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure)
    • Albuterol and ipratropium bromide Nebulizers
    • IM Glucagon
    • Selective Spinal Assessment
    • Blood Glucose Assessment