Open Burning Season 2024:

Please follow the instructions bellow to apply for a permit. If you have applied for a permit in the past you will use the same account you created last year to apply for this years permit.

Burning is only allowed January 15th until May 1st annually.

Burning is allowed January 1st to May 1st annually. Cooking fires are allowed year round, so long as the primary reason for the fire is cooking and all appropriate safety measures are followed.

If you are looking for an agricultural burn permit you may follow the steps bellow year round.

There are multiple steps to this application! You must complete all to apply for a permit.

To apply for a Burn Permit please follow the following instructions:

1. Please pay for your permit on the Town Of Ashby Unipay site Please use the link below, YOU MUST RETURN TO THIS PAGE to complete the application process.

Unipay Link

2. Once on unipay click on Fire Department services and select “FD – Permits Flam/Comb Liq. – Tanks” then “Open Air Burning – Brush $25.00” or “Open Air Burning – Agricultural $25.00”

3. Log into or create and account on our Burn Permit site, click Here to login: Burn Permit Site Link

Burn Permit Link !

4. Enter your information, Please use the telephone number you wish to call from when you plan to burn.

** Please note permits will be approved during normal business hours Monday through Friday. It may take up to 24 hours to approve your permit. Please plan accordingly. **

5. Call: 978-386-9981 the day your would like to activate your permit.

If you have any issues creating an account or paying please call: 978-386-5522 Press Option #2

Applications are also accepted in our outside drop box at the Fire Station for the quickest processing please apply online! Please include:

  1. Your Name First and Last.
  2. Your Address.
  3. The telephone number you would like to call from.
  4. Do you own the property?
  5. Your email, if you have one.
    • Permits will be emailed, or mailed if necessary.
  6. Payment of $25.00 Cash or Check payable to “Town of Ashby”

If you would like to drop your permit and payment off at the Fire Station we have created a helpful tool for you to use you can download it here.

Paper applications can be dropped off at 1093 Main St and will be processed within 2 business days.

For further information on what is allow per DEP regulations please click the following link to be directed to the DEP website. LINK